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Do you have any Frequently Asked Questions?

Direct-to-garment (DTG) is a method where a digital printer is used to print a design directly onto a garment using inkjet technology.  With this process, the inks are absorbed by the fibers of the garment.

Is there a minimum printing quantity?

No, that’s the beauty of DTG – we can print one shirt or one hundred!

How much can I expect to pay per print?

This depends on ink usage, which is dictated by the size of the artwork and coverage. For this reason, we need to see your artwork to accurately quote. Here is a general guideline on small quantities:
Low to medium usage: R12-R50
Medium to heavy ink usage: R50-R150
DTG true white: R25-R350

Can I get a bulk discount?

Sure thing. Just send us an e-mail with all the necessary info. The quote page contains a short list of things we need to know about your project.

Is there any set-up costs?

No, provided your artwork is print-ready. If it’s not, a design fee (minimum R50) might apply. If you need a designer, we can refer you to someone.

In which file format should I supply my artwork?

Photographic images: high resolution JPEG or (for transparent backgrounds) PNG
Vector images: fonts converted to curves/paths, uncompressed PDF
Word files only as layout examples. We cannot print small low resolution (72dpi) pictures you downloaded off the internet, as they will pixelate.

Can you print to black or dark fabrics?

Yes, we can. Please see our Printing on Black page for more information. 

How long do I have to wait for my masterpiece?

Standard turn-around time is two to five days, depending on how busy we are. If it’s super urgent, we could make an exception. Because you’re special 😉

What should the quality of my artwork be?

The better your artwork, the better the print. Your artwork should have a resolution of at least 300dpi and be at least as big as the print you want. Lower than that and you might notice pixels, although it will still be printable. We will of course do our best to make your artwork look as good as possible. If your artwork is vector (e.g. text), the print will always be crisp.

What is the maximum print size?

35cm wide x 40cm high for garments;
45cm wide x 50cm high for fabric

Which textiles deliver the best results?

100% cotton gives the best results, but as low as 80% cotton is still feasible. If the cotton content is lower than what, the colours will wash out over time.

Does washing affect the print?

During the first wash the fibres of the material may lift, resulting in a colour loss of about 5%. Thereafter the colour stabilizes without further fading. After printing, each garment is heat pressed, which activates the ink’s fusing agent and permanently bonds the ink to the fibres of the fabric. This results in sharp and vibrant prints that are soft to the touch and extremely durable.

Where is your workshop?

Digi-T is based in the Northern Suburb of Cape Town. Once you approve our emailed quote, we will send you directions for appointments and deliveries.

Will my artwork remain confidential?

Your masterpiece is safe with us! Digi-T prints many local designer’s garments; we will under no circumstances print or distribute a client’s original artwork.

I have more questions!

We’d love to hear from you, so drop us an e-mail with your burning questions: info@digi-t.co.za




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