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What are your rates?

At Digi-T we don’t have standard rates. We quote each job according to the amount of ink it requires, which means you get the best price for your unique design. And the more you print the  cheaper it gets.

You are welcome to supply your own garments, as long as they are 100% cotton or other natural fibre. Alternatively, we can order garments for you. We hold fitting sizes and style examples of a few garments.

Please fill out this form, or copy and paste the text and answers into an e-mail to info@digi-t.co.za

Remember to send your artwork (it will remain confidential).

Please email your print-ready artwork to info@digi-t.co.za (your artwork will remain confidential) .  Design fees might apply if artwork is not print-ready.

Accepted file formats – PDF/JPEG/PNG – NO Word documents.




021 946 4455


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